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Welcome to the Barefoot Foodie.
  If you spend any time at all in the kitchen and really enjoy the challenge and experience of creating well prepared meals, or if you only have 30 minutes to prepare dinner for you and your family, you're in luck. The BareFoot Foodie is happy to present recipes and instructional cooking videos to your culinary tool box.


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Chicken Breast Diane

Get the recipe in our video recipes section of the navigation bar.

  On our site and on our blogs and articles we will help you overcome many of the challenges that might otherwise keep you away from the kitchen. If this is your first visit to our site, you're going to leave us with a whole new take on the way you look at the kitchen. Using a collection of well thought out cooking videos and matching easy recipes we will help you become more creative in the kitchen. As a matter of fact we are constantly building and adding content to the BareFoot Foodie  & Foodiecancook sites. 


We Offer:


  • both text and video recipes               
  • instructional video techniques      
  • tips and hits in the kitchen 
  • and a whole lot more 

Visit our site often and you'll find yourself enjoying serious kitchen play!! 

 sliced and julienne vegetable display


These sliced and julienne vegetable are great for salads, stirfry and lightly sauteed meats (chicken, shrimp,scallops and thinly sliced beef). Bye the way, if you are having a salad try making your own homemade dressing. Start with something easy at first, you don't have to make a lot. After a while you will be pleased to know what's really going on your salad because you made it.


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